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Problem Mitigation Engineer?

Mike, What exactly is a Problem Mitigation Engineer? Well… Um… That’s me. I fix problems for a living and as a hobby. The main picture on my website shows me Scuba Diving off the coast of Roatan, Honduras. The fish in the picture decided I was invading his space and wanted to start a fight. I diffused the situation and went on my way.

That’s what a Problem Mitigation Engineer does!

Okay, I made up the title, but that’s what I do and have found myself t be very good at. I’ve spent over 10 years in Service management roles and have worked for some very large companies with very large customers. My Engineering background, (Yes, full degreed Mechanical Engineer) allows for a very analytic look at problems while my Business degree and acumen (Yes, I have one of those too!) allows me to see solutions from multiple vantage points.

I’m a Star Wars FREAK and have a healthy obsession with movie props. A 3D printer and over 10,000 hours of 3D modeling experience make me a formidable geek.

This site has some of my favorite exploits, my resume and career information, and HOPEFULLY I’ll have time to start blogging projects again. With a growing family, a bunch of hospitals to take care of (my day job,) and visions of grandeur when it comes to ANYTHING I think is cool, I have my work cut out for me.

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